Worker Safety Briefs

2010-1 "Noise Induced Hearing Loss" Safety Brief (PDF)

2010-2 "Educating Your Residents on Work Zone Safety".Safety Brief (PDF)
Work Zone Safety Public Service Poster (PDF) Work Zone Safety Public Service Poster, Version 2 (PDF)

2010-3 "Protecting Workers from Effects of Heat" Safety Brief (PDF)

2010-4 "Hard Hat Use " Safety Brief (PDF)

2010-5 "Safe Motor Grader Operations " Safety Brief (PDF)

2010-6 "Operational Safety for Public Works Responders" Safety Brief (PDF)

2010-7 "Protective Equipment for Workers in Hurricane Flood Response" Safety Brief (PDF)

2010-8 "Chainsaw Safety - Who Should Wear Personal Protective Equipment?" Safety Brief (PDF)

2011-9 "Skid Steer Loader Safety Tips" Safety Brief (PDF)

2011-10 "New Connecticut Legislation - Fines Doubled in Municipal Work Zones" Safety Brief (PDF)

2012-11 "Fire Safety at the Shop" Safety Brief (PDF)

2012-12 "Lifting Safety: Tips to Help Prevent Back Injuries" Safety Brief (PDF)

2013-14 "Using Portable Generators Safely" Safety Brief (PDF)

"Highway Safety Road Map (Topics Index)" Resource Guide (PDF)

T2 Tailgate Talks

T2 Tailgate Talk: "Be Alert of Moving Equipment" Safety Brief (PDF)

T2 Tailgate Talk: "Compressed Air Safety" Safety Brief (PDF)

T2 Tailgate Talk: "Hand Safety and Glove Use" Safety Brief (PDF)

T2 Tailgate Talk: "Eye Strain" Safety Brief (PDF)

T2 Tailgate Talk: "Hand and Arm Vibration" Safety Brief (PDF)

T2 Tailgate Talk: "How To Conduct A Tailgate Talk" Safety Brief (PDF)

T2 Tailgate Talk: "Hazards Of Solvents" Safety Brief (PDF)

T2 Tailgate Talk: "Hand Tool Safety" Safety Brief (PDF)

T2 Tailgate Talk: "Spontaneous Ignition" Safety Brief (PDF)

T2 Tailgate Talk: "Near Misses" Safety Brief (PDF)

T2 Tailgate Talk: "The Deadly Dozen" Safety Brief (PDF)

T2 Tailgate Talk: "Good Housekeeping" Safety Brief (PDF)

T2 Tailgate Talk: "Staying Fit for Snow Fighting" Safety Brief (PDF)

T2 Tailgate Talk: "Heavy Equipment & Heavy Equipment Hazards" Safety Brief (PDF)

T2 Tailgate Talk: "Dressing for Winter Work & Protecting Yourself from Cold Stress" Safety Brief (PDF)

T2 Tailgate Talk: "Working Safely Near Power Lines" Safety Brief (PDF)

T2 Tailgate Talk: "Work Zone Safety: Barricades & Warning Devices" Safety Brief (PDF)

T2 Tailgate Talk: "Ladder Safety" Safety Brief (PDF)

T2 Tailgate Talk: "Excavation: Trenching Safety" Safety Brief (PDF)

T2 Tailgate Talk: "Lyme Disease & Tick Safety" Safety Brief (PDF)

T2 Tailgate Talk: "Mower Safety" Mower Safety (PDF)

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Technical Briefs

2010-1 "Winter Operations Survival Lessons ". Tech Brief (PDF)

2010-2 Part One - "Traffic Safety Primer for Local Elected Officials" Tech Brief (PDF)

2010-3 Part Two - "What is a Traffic Impact Study and When is One Needed" Tech Brief (PDF)

2011-4 "Winter Operations Communication Plans" Tech Brief (PDF)

2011-5 "Guidelines for Hiring Tree Contractors" Tech Brief (PDF)

2011-6 "The Many Benefits of Warm Mix Asphalt" Tech Brief (PDF)

2012-7 "Countdown to the Narrowbanding Deadline" Tech Brief (PDF)

2013-8 "ADA Curb Ramp Compliance" Tech Brief (PDF)

2014-1 "Road Centerline and Edge Line Pavement Markings" Tech Brief (PDF)

2014-2 "T2 Center Tech Brief 2014-2 - Connecticut Local Roads Safety Plans" Tech Brief (PDF)

2014-3 "The When, Where and How of Mid-Block Crosswalks" Tech Brief (PDF)

2014-4 "Proper Posting of Speed Limits (Final)" Tech Brief (PDF)

2014-5 "Sharing the Road for Motorists, Pedestrians and Cyclists" Tech Brief (PDF)

2016-1 "Why Children at Play Signs are Not Recommended" Tech Brief (PDF)

2017-1 "Do Not Block Intersection - Signs and Markings" Tech Brief (PDF)

2017-2 "Municipal Crossing Guards" Tech Brief (PDF)

2017-3 "Urban Trees and Utility Pole Management" Tech Brief (PDF)

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Supervisor's Signposts

Supervisor’s Signposts – Leading By Influence (PDF)

Supervisor’s Signposts – Being a Public Works Role Model (PDF)

Supervisor’s Signposts – You're Also a Teacher (PDF)

Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection - Fact Sheets for Municipalities

Management of Downed Trees and Other Vegetative Debris -

Site Selection Guide for Temporary Debris Storage and Reduction Sites (TDSRS) -

Solid Waste Management - Household Garbage; Storm Debris -


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Streaming Video Library Resources

Promoting 2018 National Public Works Week, WICC 600AM Radio On-Air Radio Interview (Audio File) with Town of Fairfield’s Director of Public Works, Joseph Michelangelo P.E.

Salt Storage Facilities, Maine DOT - Presented by Peter Coughlan

Operational Safety for Public Works Emergency Responders - Presented by Adam Drummond

2010 Work Zone Safety Awareness Press Conference - Presented by the Connecticut Department of Transportation

Flagger Safety Training - Presented by Scott Zinke

New Retroreflectivity Standards and Inspection Methods - Presented by Mark M. Hood

Analyzing and Solving Local Traffic Problems - Presented by Mark M. Hood

Roadway Safety Fundamentals - Presented by Mark M. Hood

Infrastructure Asset Management - Presented by Paul Brown

A Virtual Tour of the Technology Transfer Center - Presented by Donna Shea, Program Director

2010 Updates to Connecticut Stormwater Industrial Permit - Presented by Chris Stone - CT Dept. of Environmental Protection

2009 MUTCD Update for Local Agencies - Presented by Mark M. Hood

Where and When to Use Signs, Signals and Markings - Presented by Mark M. Hood, P.E.

See more videos on our YouTube Channel

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Samples: Job Descriptions, Policies, Specifications & Bids

Signs, Traffic Signals, Traffic Markings, Pavement Striping & Retro-reflectivity Policy - shared by our colleagues in Minnesota which is used by one of their local agencies.

Sign Maintenance Policies and Procedures - Sample document for use by public agencies

Farmington Cold In Place Recycling Bid:


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Survey Summaries



Other Resources

Tree Tips from the Tree Tops:

Underground Storage Tank Program Resources:

"CT DEEP 'Think Blue' Stormwater Public Service Announcement"

CT Technology Transfer Center Safety Posters
CT Snow Plow Safety Poster (PDF) CT Vehicle Safety Poster (PDF)

Curriculum for Work Zone Safety for Law Enforcement: Safe and Effective Use of Connecticut Law Enforcement Personnel in Work Zones

Technical Resources for Legal Traffic Authorities

Intersection Safety Case Studies provided by the Federal Highway Administration: Copies of all case studies can be found at:

Posted Case Studies Include:

  • Stop-sign Controlled Intersections: Enhanced Signs and Markings - A Winston-Salem Success Story
  • Retroreflective Borders on Traffic Signal Backplates - A South Carolina Success Story (FHWA-SA-09-011)
  • Removal of Signal Flashing Mode During Late-Night/Early-Morning Operation (FHWA-SA-09-012)
  • Minnesota Roundabout - A Scott County Success Story (FHWA-SA-09-013)
  • Improving Safety by Providing All-Red Clearance Intervals and Larger Signal Lenses (FHWA-SA-09-014)
  • Permissive/Protected Left-Turn Phasing (FHWA-SA-09-015)
  • Continuous Green T-Intersections (FHWA-SA-09-016)
  • Reducing Late-Night/Early-Morning Intersection Crashes by Providing Lighting (FHWA-SA-09-017)
  • Roundabouts - The Maryland Experience (FHWA-SA-09-018)

(FHWA-SA-10-007) - Mini-Roundabouts Technical Summary

Mentoring Presentation: "Mentoring, Coaching and Training for Public Works Employees"

FHWA Wildlife Vehicle Collision Reduction Study Training Course. The course was jointly developed by the Office of Safety Research and Development, The Office of Project Development and Environmental Review and the Office of Federal Lands Highway. The web-based course is now available at: Additional information about the training course is provided in this memorandum.

FHWA New 2009 MUTCD: Link to

Public Works Service Sharing Resources (provided by the CRCOG) -

CRCOG Transportation Clearinghouse:

FHWA new video titled Modern Roundabouts: A Safer Choice (FHWA-SA-10-023). The video explains the many benefits of roundabout intersections and is intended primarily for decision makers in state and local transportation agencies to overcome the common barriers and reasons for not considering roundabouts as intersections alternatives. It is presented in a non-technical manner and can be used at public meetings for proposed roundabout projects. The video is on the safety website at

Guidelines for Temporary Traffic Control in Work Zones (updated March 2017): Link to Work Zone Safety Guidebook

FHWA ADA Field Guide: Link to http:/

South Windsor Sander Calibration Procedures

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Office of Safety is pleased to introduce the Roadway Safety Noteworthy Practices Database. An online collection of innovative practices documented by State and local agenices summarizing their efforts to implement and evaluate data-driven, strategic approaches to improving highway safety. The Noteworthy Practices Database is now available at:

FHWA Offers FREE Online Training for the Highway Safety Manual - FHWA has introduced the Highway Safety Manual (HSM) Online Overview (FHWA-NHI-380106) course free of charge through the National Highway Institute (NHI) website.

Willington Public Works Presentation to Citizens & Elected Officials:
Public Works Presentation (PDF Format) Public Works Presentation (PowerPoint)

Sand and Salt Spreader Calibration Video - Presented by Paul Brown and produced by the Baystate Roads Program


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